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The #1 resource for amateur adult talent in NJ, PA & NY State.
Safe. Discreet. Private. Paid. No Contracts.

It's so hard to figure out how to get into adult work without doing something you don't like.

Want to work for yourself? You can set up an OnlyFans — but they don't promote it for you. So you have to go get a burner social media account, spend your free time promoting yourself, or worse... actually tell your friends to subscribe. (Yikes.)

Want to work for a studio? Where do you even START? How do you know who you can trust? What photos should you send, and how do you know you're not just sending them to some creep?

There should be a way that you can get a fun adult video or porn job, close to home, where you can work for yourself and not have to send a bunch of free photos to get hired.

That's why Discreet Adult Models NJ exists.

Discreet Adult Models NJ encourages you to work as a freelance adult model. Do what you want, when you want. Because we all know the best porn out there is when amateurs are having fun doing what actually turns them on.

We don't discriminate here. Discreet Adult Models NJ works with all genders and all sexualities. 

  • Solo

  • Partner

  • Group

  • Fetish

  • Scene

  • Masks/Blindfolds

  • Popular Kinks: Light BDSM, CFNM/CMNM, Feet, Body Worship, Staged "Blackmail" and more

If you want to set up your OWN video and photo storefront, we can help you with that as your independent agent — and we'll get you access to better options than OF (and do promotional work for you).

It's not too good to be true. We just believe that adult modeling and porn jobs can be fun, discreet, and not stressful. You can do a little porn without jeopardizing your future.

And great porn jobs are only as good as the actors and models who do them.

You can make good money, stay discreet, and have a lot of fun doing discreet adult video jobs in New Jersey.

Want more info? Read more about us.

Ready to get started? Apply here.

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